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More Information.

St George Tyres has teamed up with couriers around Australia to deliver wheels and/or tyres direct to your door in the quickest possible time. With our large Australia wide cliental St George Tyres has employed the use of strategic logistical providers around Australia to delivery to our customers the best value for money quality and service shipping arrangements.

In order to protect all items during shipment, St George Tyres has established a industry standard for shipping of wheels and tyres. Using specially designed shrink wraping and protection methods, we can deliver wheels and tyres to the furthest parts of Australia with ease safely and securely. 

The process is simple in 4 easy steps as below:

1) Simply select the products wheels and/or tyres you require and proceed to our checkout where your freight costs and insurance will be added to your order,

2) Once paid you will recieve your order confirmation where your order process will begin. We will have your wheels and/or tyres arranged from our warehouse where our specially trained shipping staff will shrink wrap your tyres and/or wheels. (Wheels only are safely boxed up, Tyres only are shrink wrapped, Wheel and tyre packages are buble wrapped, cardboard protected then shrink wrapped).

3) Your items are addressed and have tracking number consignments allocated to them ready for pick up by our logistics providers.

4) Once picked up your tracking number is emailed to you where you can track and trace the order progress untill they arrive safely at your door.

If you require any further assistance during our order process our sales team is available on 02-9567 4999 to help with your enquiry.

*When a Free Freight offer is listed on a item, it only applies to Metro areas, further conditions do apply, Please contact us prior to see if we can include your order postcode/subrub in the deal prior to ordering.

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