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ATTURO TYRES 265/40R21 AZ850 2654021 265-40-21

Code - ATTURO TYRES 265/40R21 AZ850 2654021 265-40-21

Width - 265
Profile - 40
Diameter - 21
Model AZ850
Speed Rating Y
Load Rating 105
Price Now: $176.00

More Information

The AZ850 is a performance tire designed for the modern SUV, Cross Over and Sport Truck.

Designed to take advantage of the increased power and handling ability of these vehicles. The AZ850 asymmetric tread design features different inside and outside tire contours to achieve optimum balance across the tread face.  This design evenly distributes the pressure of the contact surface to enhance comfort and handling.

The unique compound and tread design of the AZ850 were specifically engineered for the contemporary performance utility vehicle.  The result is a rubber compound that helps reduce rolling resistance, which, in turn, allows the tire to run cooler at high speed.  High-tensile steel belts and jointless nylon bands increase stability at high speeds and provide secure braking, handling and durability.


• The large outer tread block is designed with a rigid and strengthened block to maintain integrity under hard cornering.


• The finely sliced inner tread block is designed to reduce noise and allow dispersion of water.


• Four main grooves designed to increase the wet grip.


• Center rib improves straight-line driving; Also enhancing directional stability.


• Oblique lateral grooves increase water dispersion capacity in order to avoid hydroplaning.


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