How to Order

To Order select the top menu for Package, Wheels or Tyres.

For wheels choose your prefered Size, Colour or Brand.

For Tyres choose your Width, Profile and Diameter as displayed below from your vehicles standard factory tyre size.

Once you have selected your wheel and/or tyre select "ADD TO CART" to add your items to your order. Here you will see if the tyre or wheel is available individually or in a lot,

If tyres or wheels are in a Lot of 2 or 4, they must be sold in that lot, If they are individually listed then on the next screen you can add the quantity you require.

In the add to cart screen you can now see as below to choose your quantity, then click the "Add to Cart" button to your total. As this is already a "lot of 4", It is already invoiced for 4 tyres.

Once Added to cart Select on the left hand side "Insurance" Option Yes or No and read our terms and conditions in order to proceed.

Next select "Proceed to Check out"

Now the total has been updated and insurance has been added,

Next proceed to register your details and pay with your Credit Card or Bank deposit.

Once ordered you will recieve a confirmation email and then a further confirmation and tracking number when your items have been shipped.

If you require any further assistance during the order process please do not hesitate to contact us as below.