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Nitto Tyres in Sydney

Nitto produces an extensive range of high-quality tyres that provide smooth, off-road performance as well as on-road comfort. If you require tyres that can be used on tough terrains featuring rocks, mud and dirt, but you also want to drive quietly and smoothly on highways and urban roads, contact St George Tyres today. We’re proud to be a leading supplier of Nitto tyres in Sydney, enabling us to source and supply the tyres you need for your vehicle.

Ridge Grappler Tyres

The Nitto Ridge Grappler tyre offers durability, flexibility and comfort. Its tight centre tread ensures you’ll have a quiet and relaxed drive when driving on paved roads, while its sidewall lugs provide optimal off-road performance when driving on rocks and rut edges on rough terrains. Its alternating shoulder tread delivers extra off-road traction, and its textured ribs protect the bottom of the tyre’s grooves from being pierced by rocks and other tough objects.

Trail Grappler Tyres

The Nitto Trail Grappler mud-terrain tyre is a renowned off-road tyre that’s capable of tackling tough terrains with less noise than other mud-terrain tyres. Its rugged 3-ply polyester sidewall and thick rubber construction provide great puncture resistance for off-road driving. These wheels also come with large side lugs and a specific block arrangement that guarantees superior lateral stability and forward traction. Its on-road driving properties minimise noise levels as much as possible while also ensuring a smooth ride on sealed roads.

NT05 Tyres

Nitto’s NT05 tyres are designed to give superior performance. The continuous centre rib has been combined with large outer shoulder blocks to produce smooth tread contact, maximum stability and full rigidity when driving on dry roads. This tyre uses a specially designed tread compound and reinforced internal construction to offer better responsiveness, high speed and traction capabilities.

Invo Tyres

Nitto Invo tyres are designed to be used with sports cars, providing the perfect balance between comfort, optimal performance and style. Its tread design is made to minimise road noise, while its grip makes it handy for driving at high speeds and around corners on both dry and wet roads.

Buy Nitto Tyres Today

If you need help finding the correct Nitto tyre type or size for your application, give St George Tyres a call on (02) 9567 4999 or enquire online. We can deliver our tyres to any location in Australia, making it easy to buy Nitto tyres wherever you might be situated.